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What’s the skinny?

Meet Belly Flop, a groovy beach shack, serving up La Colombe cold brew, heavenly soft serve and home made eats. Cruise by for all your lunch beach needs – we’ll load up your cooler so the only work you’re doing is on your tan.

Belly Flop is your portal to paradise, the playfulness of wasted summer days, a nod to the groovers and hustlers, catering nostalgia to you and yours all year long because that’s the way uh huh, uh huh, we like it.

The only question is, can you dig it?

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Belly Flop

2411 St. Lawrence Ave
Long Beach, IN 46360
 Phone Number 219-243-7173

Monday — Thursday Closed

Friday — Sunday 8am to Noon
Online Orders & Walk-Ins Welcome